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Bog in a Box

The Bog in a Box program is the educational component of the No Bogs, No Bugs, No Plants, No People project. I realized early on that many of the things we are doing in both the lab and in the field are easily transferred into educational concepts that would meet state mandated science standards in Georgia and the southeast. Because one of my primary goals was to create an outreach program based on solid conservation-ecology principles for the upland bog ecosystems, this revelation was very exciting for me. Therefor the idea for the Bog in a Box was born. As the project progresses my team will be updating this page with information regarding the activities  we are creating for the Project Wild supplement. By the end I hope to have a complete K-12 set of activities complete with assessments that can be customized by any teacher or outreach specialist so that they may fit into their specific learning program and/or teaching style.  Stay tuned for developments and thanks to all who have helped with this very special project.


11/2012  РAfter being asked to come and speak to a Pre-K class I created this simple pre-k activity. Appropriate for Pre-K and Kindergarten aged students, the focus is on what makes a good habitat for the Purple pitcherplant, and also introduces the concept of environmental stewardship by asking the student to think about the things that are NOT good for a habitat such as litter and building a home in a bog.

If you have a question or would like to provide feedback about any activities posted on this page, please do so in the comments section. All feedback is of course welcome.


(Pitcherplant artwork on Activity sheet courtesy and used with permission; all other artwork provided by

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